Ангелевски тодор

Angelevski, Todor-Toso Daskalot (1910-1943), was born in 1910 in Bitolas's village Lavci. He comes from a peasant craft family.

He finished his primary education in v.Lavci. As he proved himself as an excellent student, he was allowed to finish two grades in one year, so he completed his primary school for three instead for four years. Then, he enrolled in the Public Mixed Real High School in Bitola and in 1925/26. Toso Angelevski started the Teacher's School in Prilep. Even since his teenage years he grew as an advanced progressive young man, a future progressive teacher and a revolutionary activist. In a situation of persecutions and punishments of everything that was progressive and revolutionary, he painfuly watched and experienced the social misery of the working people on one side, and the corruption and robbing the poor by taxing and other burdens on the other side. That is why he felt even more resistant and prepared for organized confrontment. He was in the front lines of the progressive teacher movement in bourgeois Yugoslavia and member of KPJ before the war. He joined the National liberation war and the Socialist revolution in 1941.Todor Angelevski was the organizer and active participant in all more important events from NOV and the Socialist revolution in Bitola and its surrounding until June 1943. He was given the credits for the foundation of Bitola's national liberation partisan units "Pelister", "Dame Gruev", "Jane Sandanski" and "Goce Delcev".He was commandant of the joint unit "Dame Gruev" in 1943, a commandant of the joint units "Dame Gruev" and "Vico", a member of the District operative headquarter and a commandant of the headquarter of the Second operative zone. For his revolutionary antifascist activity Todor Angelevski was condemned to death by the fascist invader's court in his absence. His head was blackmailed with 200 000 leva. He died on 23 June 1943 surrounded by the Bulgarian army and police, which burnt the barn where he was hiding, in order not to be caught alive in the hand of the invaders, he used his final card - his own weapon. He died heroically and burnt in the flames of the surrounded and burning barn in village Lavci.



authors: Lence Andonovska, Naume Gorgievski, Blagoj Nikolov, Trajko Ognenovski, Gordana Pesevska, Aneta Stefanovska, Svetlana Taleska ; translation in english Vesna Milevska.
NIUL "St. Clement Ohridski": Municipality of Bitola

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