Andreevski, Petre (1934-2006), promoted Macedonian poet, novelist,narrator, play writer who was for more than four decades among the leading figures of the modern Macedonian literature, academician.

He wrote poetry, stories, novels, plays, film scripts and other kinds of works. He was born in 1934 in v.Sloestica , Demir Hisar. He graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. For a short time he was a teacher at Demir Hisar villages and then he moved to Skopje where he dedicated himself to the journalism. For many years he used to be the editor of the folk music editorship and the Drama program at RTV Skopje. He became amemberofDPMinl964 and a member of MANU in 2000. He was a president of DPM. At the moment of his death in 2006 he was a secretary at the Department of literature and art at MANU.
He was a member of the Macedonian PEN center, member of a large number of associations in RM. In the literature P. Andreevski had his debut in 1960 with his poem collection" Knots' and then subsequently new books and elected poetry, stories, novels and plays appeared. P.Andreevski published the following books of poetry in the following order:" Knots" (poetry 1960) "Nor on heaven nor on earth" (poetry1962) "Denicia" (poetry 1968) "Distant anvils" (poetry 1971) "Rewards and complaints" (poetry 1975), "Eternal house" (poetry 1987), "Lakrimarij" (poetry 1999) book of stories: "The seventh day (stories 1964), "Unfaithful years"(stories 1974) "All faces of the death" (stories 1994 ) novels: "Wheat grass" (novel 1980), "Grasshopper" (novel 1983), "Heaven Tijanovna" (1988), "The Last Peasants"(1987) and "Tunnel"(novel 2003), the book "Plays" 1984 where "Time for singing" and "Unwanted by God'are enclosed. He published two collections of children poetry titled "Roll and Look around and "Eat and grow up"
Several selected works from his opus have been printed so far and in 1984 the "Selected works" had been printed in 5 volumes. The books of Petre M Andreevski had many editions especially the novel "Wheat- grass" which with its ten editions has become one of the rare books in Macedonia. He was present in all analogies of Macedonian poetry published in our country (in Macedonian language) and abroad (in foreign language). His work has been translated in many languages in the world (Serbian, Slovenian, French, English and other). His plays and dramatized novels ("Wheat grass" and "Peasants") are set on and played by the Bitola national theatre. Large number of his works is motivated by life stories related to Bitola's citizens.
He was recipient of the awards "11th October" "Brothers Miladinovci" (twice), "Racin recognition", "Stale Popov", as well as the award "Literature scepter" by the Writers Associations of Macedonia. In 2007 posthumously, he was awarded with Order for people's credits.



authors: Lence Andonovska, Naume Gorgievski, Blagoj Nikolov, Trajko Ognenovski, Gordana Pesevska, Aneta Stefanovska, Svetlana Taleska ; translation in english Vesna Milevska.
NIUL "St. Clement Ohridski": Municipality of Bitola

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