Vladislav, Jovan (1015-1018), Macedonian czar, the last governor of Samoul's state, son of Aron,Samoil's nephew. The first information about the name of Bitola, is connected to the plaque, he put up, when he reconstructed the fortress around the city in XI century.

When he was at the head of the former Samoil's state, J.Vladisav reconstructed the fortress in Bitola, which can be confirmed by the commemorative plaque, preserved today at the Institute and museum of Bitola. J.Vladislav was previously rescued by Gavril Radomir, who was his cousin and Samoil's son, from the murderers commit-ed by his uncle, Samuil, who destroyed the whole family of his brother's (Vladislav's the father).After Samuil's death„J.Vladislav engaged himself completely in planning to take over the czar throne. Well, during a hunting, he killed his cousin Gavril Radomir (his former rescuer, Samuil's son) and took the throne. He tried to make peace agreement with Vasilij II. He ruled from 1015 until the last year of Samuil's state 1018. J.Vladislav renewed and strengthened Bitola's fortress (1015-1016) which guarded the entrances to Prespa and Ohrid. In the period of his reign the armies of the Byzantium czar Vasilij II were forced to get away from Bitola and Pelagonija's surrounding, further than the River Crna, because they were robbing and poundering.doing violent deeds, accros the villages and in the area round the city of Bitola. He was energetic ruler and protected the population from the attacks of different armies and hordes and mostly from the Byzantium, who were known as ruthless, rough, severe and horribly inhumane. He had problems with Byzantium, whose armies were frequently seen nearby the hedges of Bito-la's fortress and often got violently inside, causing damages. He was persistent to stop Byzantium's attacks and to prevent the area from Setina's conquering, but in the battle near the fortress (in Bitola) with the Byzantium czar Vasilij II 1017, he was completely defeated. He was killed at the end of August, 1018 by the Byzants in a battle near Drac.



authors: Lence Andonovska, Naume Gorgievski, Blagoj Nikolov, Trajko Ognenovski, Gordana Pesevska, Aneta Stefanovska, Svetlana Taleska ; translation in english Vesna Milevska.
NIUL "St. Clement Ohridski": Municipality of Bitola

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