Nektarij of Pelagonija, XVI century, first printer from XVI century, born in Bitola (at that time was still named Pelagonija) or maybe in Bitola region in the last decades of XVI century.

He left to Sveta Gora and became a monk, getting the monk name Nektraij. On Sveta gora he became a member of the big monk brotherhood of the famous Zograf monastery, where he became an eromonk. In the period when Nektarij was on Sveta Gora (at the beginning of XVII century) a printing plant was opened and some of the monks determined themselves to study printing craft. Meletie Makedonski was among them.There is no true data about Nektarij, for his participation in the printing activity, but it was true that he learnt about printing and successfully performed that activity. On Sveta Gora, in the group of monks from the Zograph monastery, who left to Russia, were the printers Nektarij of Pelagonija and Stefan of Ohrid. They first arrived to Litvanian principality, which was a part of czar Russia, then they continued to Romania, where they formed the first Romanian printing plant and then went to Kiev. After several months residence in Kiev, supplied with five types of printing letters and knowledge of printing technique, they returned to Romania, where they printed about 12 religious books in Slavic and Romanian language and with Slavic letters. Beside "Prayer -book" more important printed books are: "Nomokanon" ("The rules for the holly apostles"), "Sunday Gospel", "Antolo-gion", "Lady Chapel", "A Study for all days". Nektarij of Pelagonija, together with other Macedonian printers became famous printers and offered modern printing solutions. The texts in the books were printed with five types of letters and the pages were enriched with different initials, fauna features, parts of flora as well as illustrated drawings with: swans, eagles, horses, deer, goats as well as people usually worshipers in two columns. Macedonian printing in Romania (it was named by Nektarij, Stefan and Meletij) accepted the Ukraine printing tradition and that meant - the European technique. So these three Macedonian printers (Nektraij of Bitola, Meletij Makedonski, Stefan of Ohrid) became brave innovators in the printing on the Balkans and wider by which they represented important names in the printing. Nektarij of Pelagonija always felt like printer of Bitola (Pelagonija).


authors: Lence Andonovska, Naume Gorgievski, Blagoj Nikolov, Trajko Ognenovski, Gordana Pesevska, Aneta Stefanovska, Svetlana Taleska ; translation in english Vesna Milevska.
NIUL "St. Clement Ohridski": Municipality of Bitola

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