Bitola Open city – International Youth Art Festival

The basic idea of this project is to gather young artists from Macedonia, the Balkans and all over Europe to present their artistic potentials and skills. The concept of “Bitola Open City” project is to open the city to the world, to different art forms, and to the variety of intercultural cooperation. In this way, Bitola can become a place where young people meet, make new friendships, network and be ambassadors of good will. The Festival aims to provide a venue for young and emerging artists to showcase their work, tapping into a new audience outside the confines of institutionalized cultural outlets.
It is held in the end of August.              

AKTO – Festival for Contemporary arts

Akto is a regional festival for contemporary art which includes visual arts, performing arts, music and theory of culture.
The main objective of Akto Festival is to open the cultural frameworks of a modern society through “recomposing” and redefining them in a new context. The programme of the festival is based on two concepts.
The first concept is space/location.
Locations have been transformed in terms of their previous meanings.
The basic idea of the festival is art pieces to come out of the standard location (galleries, museums, theatres) used for presenting art, and their setting up in new location.
Re-moving of the pieces into new location transforms the piece itself (according to the parameter space). It is held in the middle of August., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interfest Bitola - Festival for Classical Music


It is an international festival dedicated mainly to classical music where many creative and reproductive artist from all over the world take place. In addition to the classical music concerts, there are also few nights for pop-modern music, theater plays, art exhibitions, and a day for literature presentation during the event. In the last few years there have been artists from Russia, Slovakia, Poland,and many other countries. For the reason of Bitola being called the city with most pianos, there is one night of the festival dedicated to piano competitions. One award is given for the best young piano player, and another for competitors under 30.

International Graphic Triennial

International graphic exhibition, held since 1994. Its main goal is with lust and great love to touch and discover the modern graphic activities from all meridians. This exhibition is organized every third year, and this year it will be held in the period September – December.

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International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”


The International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola is organized by the Macedonian Film Professionals Association (MFPA).

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Festival of Folk songs and Dances – “Ilinden Days”


Every year, the traditional folk festival "Ilinden Days" takes place in Bitola. It is a 4-5 day festival of music, songs, and dances that is dedicated to the Ilinden Uprising against the Turks, where the main concentration is placed on the folk culture of Macedonia. Folk dances and songs are presented with many folklore groups and organizations taking part in it.


Small Monmartre of Bitola

monmartrIn the last few years, the Art manifestation "Small Monmartre of Bitola" that is organized by the art studio "Kiril and Metodij" has turned into a successful children's art festival. Children from all over the world come to express their imagination through art, creating important and priceless art that is presented in the country and around the world. "Small Monmartre of Bitola" is a winner of numerous awards and nominations.

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