Flora and Fauna

In the mountain’s near Bitola, live and deserve special attention: the Brown bear, Roe Deer, the Wolf, the Brown Hare, the Red Squirrel, Balkan Chamois and Lynx.

A lot of birds are registered also: the Rock Partridge, the Golden Eagle, and Red-billed Chough. The most impressive fish are: the Pelister and Pelagonia’s endemic Trout.

The flora has a rich diversity with forest areas of beech, fir, Molika and oak. The most valuable is Molika (Pinus Peuce), authentic kind of five-needle pine which is one of the most significant and most interesting ecological and vegetation phenomenon on the Balkan Peninsula.

Here also is a loot of specific plant: pelister’s crocus, sky dew, kantarion and heartsease. Also there is a bountiful specific mushroom.

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