Bitola after the liberation

Bitola after the liberation

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With the ending of the Second World War it came to the dramatic changes in all the aspects of human life. The long expected liberation finally arrived in Bitola, and the many years of wars finally ended.

In this period the foundations of a new socialist society was set. The agricultural reforms and the nationalization of the private properties began as well, so the centralised system of governance was established. But the negative consequences of these changes were felt very soon, so some legislative changes were made to overcome the negative outcome.

In the 1950s, a new worker’s self-government began to be established. The after war period as well as the legislative changes led toward noticeable and important progress in every sphere of life. The political situation became stable and the improvement of the standard of life was noticeable in the life of the population.

The transition that started in the 1990s in the economic sphere, brought changes also in the social organizations. The transformation of capital begun and a part of the social capital became a private one. After the independence of the Republic of Macedonia, the transition period continued, and one very important part of the social organizations bankrupted and at the end they were sold out and liquidated.

This situation badly influenced the economic situation of the population, but anyway in Bitola even today exists and successfully works not only the social but also the private companies. This period finds its reflection in the political system, so the former socialist political system of management was replaced with the pluralistic. In the political scene of the Republic of Macedonia were created various political parties.

One part of these political parties is still active and with their activity they significantly accomplish the creation of the social and economic picture of the life of the people. The process of decentralization in the last couple of years was successfully started and managed, which realizes different projects that are useful for the citizens. With the ending of the process of decentralization and gaining more competencies of the local self-government, should significantly contribute to the overcoming of the problems and situations that arose because of the long transitional period. Only this way and with maximum efforts it will regain the true glory of the city that actually had not disappeared, but it is somewhere here, concealed around us.

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