Bitola Museum – interior of a town room

Bitola Museum – interior of a town room

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On an area of 30 m2, as separate, adapted premises in the central part of the southern wing of the building, we can see the presentation of a townhouse room.
This presents the artistic decorations and decorations of the walls of the interior of Bitola’s houses from the beginning of the XX c.

Besides the main goal, which is to present the decorative ambient of Bitola’s houses, a reconstruction of the interior of a town room has been made, bringing to life the colorfulness of the borders, rosettes, corner decorations and cartouches.


Namely, this room represents the ambient of a Bitola town house from the period of the National Renaissance in every facet of the progress of the young Macedonian bourgeoisie and intelligentsia whose relations with West-European and Balkan countries introduced a new sensibility and aesthetics in the manner of their living, building, fashion, decoration and way of thinking.



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