Buses in Bitola

Buses in Bitola

Category: Транспорт (Transport)

International bus transport

Belgrade – Bitola, every day from 21:30 hour. This line is operated by the Galeb – Ohrid company. For more info please visit:

Sofia – Bitola, every day from 16:30 and 20:00 hour. The line in 16:30 hour is operated by the company Transkop Bitola, and the line in 20:00 by the Mat-Pu company from Bulgaria.

Viena – Bitola – every Thursday and Friday arrives approximately in 12~13 hour in Bitola.

Bitola – Viena – departure every Sunday in 06:00 and 07:30 hour. The line to Viena is operated by Eurobus company.

Intercity bus transport

There are frequent bus lines between Bitola and other cities in Macedonia. For more info please visit:


City transport

The city transport in Bitola is done with Buses. There are 6 bus lines, from which 4 operate in the city and 2 in the suburban parts.

The Bus lines which operate in the city are marked with the numbers: 1,4,5,6.

The suburban bus lines are marked with the numbers 11 and 12.

The tickets are bought from the driver and their price is 20 denars (~ 0,3 euro)

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