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Gavril, Radomir (1014-1015), Macedonian ruler, he took the throne immediately after Samuil’s death. He took part in all more important battles: in the battle at Ihtiman(986) at Sperhej(996) and at the Belasica battle (1014).

He managed to rescue his father twice at Sperhej and Belasica and took him away from the already lost battles. As co-ruler, he ruled over the territories around The Island Lake and Peter Lake, together with Pelagonija where (in Bitola)he had his own castle. According to the historical sources G.Radomir was czar who lived and built his castle in Bitola. Soon he made the city czar’s capital. During the ruling of G. Radomir (1014) Bitola is mentioned under the name of Buteliu. After the death of his father he took over the throne.
He led a battle in order to preserve the territories that his father Samoil had conquered. After the war with Byzantium he lost North Pelagonia, Raec and Meglene area, but he managed to defend Bitola where his residence was situated. In 1015 Gavril Radomir was killed when hunting, at the place called Petersko near the Island on the coast of the Island lake. During his ruling G.Radomir made Bitola the czar capital.

authors: Lence Andonovska, Naume Gorgievski, Blagoj Nikolov, Trajko Ognenovski, Gordana Pesevska, Aneta Stefanovska, Svetlana Taleska ; translation in english Vesna Milevska.
NIUL “St. Clement Ohridski”: Municipality of Bitola

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