Magaza (Gallery)

Magaza (Gallery)

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With its massive walls, small entrance door, the small windows protected with metal bars and with a stone covered roof, it looks like a small fortress.
This Magaza used to be a real privilege for every tradesman that brought his goods into this city. Through these doors have passed, been unloaded, exposed and sold, various goods to the local population, surrounding areas, and even the bigger European markets.

This is one of the numerous Magaza’s that used to exist in Bitola in the middle of the 19th century.
Here the price of the goods was negotiated, the tradesmen shouted at each other, or they whispered in confidence. Every single sound of the daily noise is carved in this monument. The beauty and the scents of the various goods that filled it within, look like it found a unique reflection even in today’s use.


Today this building is turned into an art gallery, for numerous exhibitions of different types and characters. It is a place for literary readings, intimate concerts, and other cultural events, and it is the time when the Magaza co-exists with that past noise. The noise of the people again echoes from the walls of the Magaza, and the people are here again with a similar purpose – to bring out something from them, and to take something from this beauty for them too. 


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