Museum devoted to Jewish ethnic entity Bitola

Museum devoted to Jewish ethnic entity Bitola

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The museum exhibition devoted to the Jewish ethnic entity is housed in one of the rooms of the Portal of the Jewish cemetery in Bitola.

With the celebration opening of this exhibition, the Bitola Museum contributed to the general marking of the 500 years since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal (1492) and their migration to the Balkans and Bitola.


The exhibition content is based on photographic documents, copies and other written documents, representing the Jewish ethnic entity that lived some 500 years together with the Macedonian population.
The majority of the exhibited items originate from the end of the XIX c. and the beginning of the XX c. Many family photos of distinguished Jewish families are presented as well as their folk associations, sport societies, rabbis, craftsmen, their participation in NLAWM and the genocide of 11 March 1943 by the fascist military forces according to their ideology.


Treblinka was their final stop



Alaxem S. Eliezer

Albahari Dan

Albala Avram

Albala M. Benvenist

Albalak Aron

Albalak I. Josef

Albalak Isak

Albalak J. Sunha

Albaranes A. Palomba

Albaranes Isak

Albaranes J. Lija

Albaranes Janto

Albaranes Janto

Albaranes Rahel

Albaranss Salomon

Albenda Avram

Albenda Jakov

Albilak I. Jakov

Alboher A. Josef

Alboher A. Leon

Alboher Avram

Alboher Avram

Alboher Bohora

Alboher Haim

Alboher Isak

Alboher J. Rahamin

Alboher Juda

Alboher Rufel

Alboher S. Aron

Alboher S. Aron

Alboher S. Peris

Alboher S. Sihula

Alboher S. Sol

Alboher S. Solomon

Alboher Sihula

Albuher Bohor

Albuher Solomon

Alexandra David

Alexandra David

Alexandra Haim

Alexandra Mordohaj

Alkuser Avram

Alkuser Bension

Alkuser Estreja

Alkuser Muson

Alkuser O. Bohora

Alkuser Sara

Alva J. Samoel

Alva Jakov

Alva Jakov

Alva Mirjam

Alva S. Haim

Anaf A. Josif

Aroesti Haim

Aroesti I. Haim

Aroesti I. Rejna

Aroesti Isan

Aroesti J. Gavriel

Aroesti J. Rexina

Aroesti Jusef

Aroesti M. Sara

Aroesti M. Simaja

Aroesti S. Jakov

Aroesti S. Zak

Aroesti Samoel

Aroesti Todoros

Aron I. Boena

Aron Sabitaj

Arossti J. Avram

Aruesti A. Avram

Aruesti A. Lija

Aruesti Aliza

Aruesti Aron

Aruesti Bohora

Aruesti I. Frida

Aruesti J. Aron

Aruesti M. Isak

Aruesti M. Jakov

Aruesti Majo

Aruesti S. Haim

Aruesti Santo

Aruesti Sihula

Aruesti Solomon

Aruti Avram

Aruti David

Aruti Mois

Aruti Sara

Aruti X. Jakov

Asael Muson

Asael Sabitaj

Aseo Izrael



Bahar Avram

Baruh D. Avram

Baruh Stela

Batino J. Rebeka

Benjakar Avram

Benjakar Bohor

Benjakar Bohora

Benjakar D. Sihula

Benjakar Isak

Benjakar M. Xoja

Benjakar Mordehaj

Benjakar Peris

Benjakar Rafael

Benjakar S. Sabitaj

Benjakar Sabitaj

Benjakar Sabitaj

Benjakar Salamon

Benjakar Salamon

Benjakar Zudika

Beraha Mosa

Bohor Sara



Danijel I. Mirjam

Dario Moreno

De Medons Eldad

Demajo Simon

Demjao Rahamin



Elijau S. Baruh

Eprac S. Albert

Ergas Albert

Ergas Haim

Ergas Isak

Ergas J. Salamon

Ergas Jakov

Ergas Josef

Ergas Kutijel

Ergas Mois

Ergas Saba

Ergas Sabitaj

Ergas Seti

Eskenazi Baruh

Eskenazi M. Bohor

Eskenazi M. Ester

Eskenazi M. Konorti

Eskenazi M. Lija

Eskenazi Majir

Eskenazi Mazlijah

Eskernazi J. Bohor



Faraxi B. Ester

Faraxi David

Faraxi I. Jakov

Faraxi Jakov

Faraxi Klara

Faraxi M. Avram

Faraxi M. Bohor

Faraxi M. Josef

Faraxi M. Luna

Faraxi M. Rahel

Faraxi Mati

Faraxi Muson

Faraxi V. Leon

Flarentin Aron

Florentin Avram

Franko Celebon

Franko Dan

Franko Josef



Geron Ruben

Geron X. Boena

Gracijano M. Sara



Haim S. Sunha

Hasid Mois

Hasoi D. Isak

Hasoi Nisim

Hason Aron

Hason Aron

Hason Avram

Hason Avram

Hason Avram

Hason Avram

Hason B. Ester

Hason B. Salamon

Hason B. Sol

Hason Boena

Hason Bohor

Hason D. Isak

Hason D. Rafael

Hason Ester

Hason Estreja

Hason I. Rejna

Hason Isak

Hason J. Avram

Hason J. Sara

Hason Jakov

Hason Jakov

Hason Leon

Hason Luiza

Hason M. Mois

Hason Mose

Hason Ovadija

Hason Peris

Hason R. Jakov

Hason R. Rejna

Hason Rafael

Hason Rahamin

Hason S. Mateo

Hason X. Avram

Hason X. Salamon

Hazan A. Mentes

Hazan J. Rahel

Hazan Sara



Isah Aron

Isah Avram

Isah Avram

Isah B. Ester

Isah B. Samuel

Isah B. Sara

Isah D. Rasel

Isah David

Isah Haim

Isah I. Josef

Isah Isak

Isah Isak

Isah Isak

Isah J. Sihula

Isah Jakov

Isah Josef

Isah Kalev

Isah Lazar

Isah Leon

Isah Lezer

Isah M. Kuco

Isah M. Mois

Isah Mirjam

Isah Misulan

Isah Mois

Isah Natan

Isah P. Avram

Isah P. Leon

Isah Peris

Isah Plata

Isah Rahel

Isah S. Menahem

Isah S. Sabitaj

Isah S. Salamon

Isah S. Samoel

Isah S. Sunha

Isah Saba

Isah Sahja

Isah Salamon

Isah Samoel

Isah Sara

Isak Arnesta

Isak I. Luna

Isak Izrael

Isak J. Bohora

Isak Mordohaj

Isak Pinhas

Isak S. Alboher

Isak S. Mosa

Izrael J. Jakov

Izrael J. Sara

Izrael Josef

Izrael Mois

Izrael Rahamin



Jakop Muson

Josah I. Isak

Jusah Mose

Jusef Pardo



Kalderon A. Estreja

Kalderon A. Muson

Kalderon A. Solomon

Kalderon Aron

Kalderon B. Rahamin

Kalderon B. Sara

Kalderon David

Kalderon Eli

Kalderon Gavriel

Kalderon Haim

Kalderon Haim

Kalderon I. Grasija

Kalderon I. Samoel

Kalderon Isak

Kalderon J. Alegra

Kalderon J. Aron

Kalderon Jafa

Kalderon Jakov

Kalderon Jakov

Kalderon Jeremija

Kalderon Jeremija

Kalderon Jeremija

Kalderon Josef

Kalderon Luna

Kalderon M. Haim

Kalderon M. Juda

Kalderon M. Luna

Kalderon M. Sunha

Kalderon M. Sunha

Kalderon M. Zak

Kalderon Mati

Kalderon Mons

Kalderon Mons

Kalderon Mordohaj

Kalderon Muson

Kalderon Muson

Kalderon Nisim

Kalderon Ovadija

Kalderon P. Isak

Kalderon Peris

Kalderon Peris

Kalderon Peris

Kalderon Rebeka

Kalderon Rebeka

Kalderon S. Gavriel

Kalderon S. Mons

Kalderon S. Samuel

Kalderon S. Zak

Kalderon Salamon

Kalderon Salamon

Kalderon Samoel

Kalderon Santo

Kalderon Sara

Kalderon Solomon

Kalderon Solomon

Kalderon Vida

Kalderon X. Mose

Kalderon X. Salomon

Kalderon Xoja

Kalderop Mons

Kamhi A. Jakov

Kamhi A. Mentes

Kamhi A. Samoel

Kamhi Akiva

Kamhi Aron

Kamhi Avram

Kamhi Avram

Kamhi Avram

Kamhi B. Aron

Kamhi B. Aron

Kamhi B. Matatja

Kamhi Bohor

Kamhi Bohor

Kamhi Bohor

Kamhi Bohora

Kamhi Bohora

Kamhi D. Alegra

Kamhi D. Baruh

Kamhi David

Kamhi David

Kamhi David

Kamhi Ester

Kamhi Estreja

Kamhi Hana

Kamhi I. Avram

Kamhi I. Ester

Kamhi Isak

Kamhi Isak

Kamhi Isak

Kamhi J. Avram

Kamhi J. Baruh

Kamhi J. Boena

Kamhi Jakov

Kamhi Jakov

Kamhi Jakov

Kamhi Josef

Kamhi K. Isak

Kamhi Klara

Kamhi Kutijel

Kamhi L. Rejna

Kamhi Lijao

Kamhi M. Rejna

Kamhi M. Vida

Kamhi Mazlijah

Kamhi Mentes

Kamhi Mentes

Kamhi Merkado

Kamhi Miruca

Kamhi Mois

Kamhi Muson

Kamhi N. Rejna

Kamhi P. Frida

Kamhi Peris

Kamhi R. Avram

Kamhi S. Jakov

Kamhi S. Josef

Kamhi S. Mazalto

Kamhi S. Mrkado

Kamhi S. Muson

Kamhi S. Todoros

Kamhi Sabitaj

Kamhi Sabitaj

Kamhi Salamon

Kamhi Salomon

Kamhi Samuel

Kamhi Sara

Kamhi X. Mazalto

Kamhi Xintil

Kasorla D. Muson

Kasorla E. Sol

Kasorla Ester

Kasorla Gavriel

Kasorla I. David

Kasorla I. Jakov

Kasorla I. Mois

Kasorla I. Rufel

Kasorla J. Josef

Kasorla Jakov

Kasorla Jusula

Kasorla Lea

Kasorla Luna

Kasorla M. Ester

Kasorla M. Jakov

Kasorla M. Sua

Kasorla Matilda

Kasorla Muqa

Kasorla Pinhas

Kasorla Rahamin

Kasorla S. Mair

Kasorla Salamon

Kasorla Salamon

Kasorla Sara

Kasorla Sua

Katan Avram

Katan D. Isak

Katan David

Katan Haim

Katanela M. Avram

Katanela Paqomba

Kien Isak

Koei Bohor

Koen A. Aron

Koen A. Josef

Koen A. Lezir

Koen Abua

Koen Arnesta

Koen Aron

Koen Avram

Koen Avram

Koen B. Natan

Koen Bencion

Koen Bohor

Koen D. Rahamin

Koen Elijau

Koen Ester

Koen Estreja

Koen Ilijau

Koen Isak

Koen Isak

Koen J. Bohra

Koen J. David

Koen J. Jafa

Koen J. Majir

Koen J. Miruca

Koen J. Mois

Koen J. Muson

Koen J. Palomba

Koen Jakov

Koen Jakov

Koen Jakov

Koen Josef

Koen Juda

Koen Kutiel

Koen M. Leon

Koen Majir

Koen Menahem

Koen Mordohaj

Koen Mordohaj

Koen Muson

Koen Muson

Koen Nisim

Koen Nisim

Koen P. Sol

Koen P. Vida

Koen Peris

Koen R. Klara

Koen S. Ester

Koen S. Juda

Koen S. Jusef

Koen S. Mois

Koen Salamon

Koen Salamon

Koen Sol

Koen Sol

Koen Zak

Koep Haim

Kolonomos Isak

Kolonomos K. Isak

Kolonomos Viktor

Konfipo Mose

Kreskis Avram



Levi A. Bohora

Levi Aron

Levi Aron

Levi Avram

Levi Avram

Levi Avram

Levi Bincijon

Levi Bohora

Levi D. Lezer

Levi Haim

Levi I. Mois

Levi I. Rufel

Levi J. David

Levi J. Mazalto

Levi Josef

Levi M. Josef

Levi Majir

Levi Majir

Levi Mati

Levi Mordohaj

Levi Mordohaj

Levi Muson

Levi Muson

Levi N. Jakov

Levi P. Samoel

Levi R. Avram

Levi R. Estreja

Levi Rafael

Levi S. Ester

Levi Saba

Levi T. Mois

Levi Todoros

Levi Todoros

Levi X. David

Levn Bohor



Majo B. Samuel

Majo I. Simo

Majo Leon

Maost Gavriel

Masot Aron

Masot Avram

Masot I. Bohor

Mevorah J. Rejna

Misulam Bencion

Misulam Bohor

Misulam David

Misulam Elijau

Misulam Haim

Misulam Haim

Misulam Jakov

Misulam Mirijam

Misulam Mois

Misulam Mordohaj

Misulam N. Samoel

Misulam Ovadija

Misulam S. Nisim

Misulam S. Salamon

Mizrahi S. Sara

Mois K. Mois

Mordohaj T. Presija



Nahama Salamon

Nahmijas A. Sarika

Nahmijas Avram

Nahmijas Bohor

Nahmijas D. Albert

Nahmijas Ester

Nahmijas Haim

Nahmijas III. Isak

Nahmijas Isak

Nahmijas Jakov

Nahmijas Juda

Nahmijas Luna

Nahmijas M. Mirjam

Nahmijas Mois

Nahmijas N. Matil

Nahmijas Sara

Nahmijas T. Josef

Navon Avram

Navon J. Muson

Navon K. Mois

Negri D. Sunha

Negri I. Janto

Negri I. Sua

Nisai A. Haim

Nisai Muson

Nisan B. Arnesta

Nisan D. Menahem

Nisan David

Nisan J. Muson

Nisan Jakov

Nisan Leon

Nisan M. Jakov

Nisan Sabitaj



Ovadija A. Avram

Ovadija Avram

Ovadija B. Bela

Ovadija Bohor

Ovadija J. Haim

Ovadija J. Menahem

Ovadija Jakov


Pardo A. Bohor

Pardo B. Arnesta

Pardo B. Avram

Pardo Bohor

Pardo D. Mazalto

Pardo Dario

Pardo David

Pardo David

Pardo David

Pardo David

Pardo Eliza

Pardo G. Isak

Pardo G. Jakov

Pardo G. Ruben

Pardo Gavriel

Pardo I. Gavriel

Pardo Isak

Pardo J. Ester

Pardo J. Samuel

Pardo Jakov

Pardo Josef

Pardo Josef

Pardo Juda

Pardo Leon

Pardo M. Ida

Pardo M. Mazalto

Pardo M. Rekula

Pardo Mose

Pardo Ovadija

Pardo P. Isak

Pardo Peris

Pardo S. Isak

Pardo S. Jakov

Pardo Salamon

Pardo Santo

Pardo X. Muson

Peso Avram

Peso Avram

Peso Bohora

Peso D. Misulam

Peso I. Ester

Peso I. Sara

Peso Isak

Peso J. Sol

Peso Jakov

Peso Janto

Peso Josef

Peso M. Saba

Peso Mair

Peso Nisim

Peso Rejna

Peso S. Mirjam

Peso S. Sara

Peso Sabitaj

Peso Salamon



Romano Avram

Rozilijo Juda

Rozilijo Salomon

Ruso B. Sunho

Ruso I. Josef

Ruso I. Mordohaj

Ruso I. Vida

Ruso Jakov

Ruso Josef

Ruso M. David

Ruso M. Mazalto

Ruso Mazlijah

Ruso Mois

Ruso Rahamin

Ruso Rekula



Sabitaj J. Samoel

Sabitaj Kanus

Sabitaj Rahamin

Sabitaj Z. Perla

Sadik Bohora

Sadik Haim

Sadik Rafael

Sadikario Avram

Sadikario Isak

Sadikario J. Avram

Sadikario J. Mois

Sadikario Josef

Sadikario Klara

Salomon Sabitaj

Samuel S. Benjakar

Saporta M. Josef

Sarfati B. Leja

Sarfati B. Luna

Sarfati Jakov

Sarfati Jakov

Sarfati Josef

Sarfati K. Avram

Sarfati Leon

Sarfati Mordohaj

Sarfati Muson

Sarfati Palomba

Sarfati Rekula

Sarfatp X. Luna

Simaja Hazan

Simon Simaja

Skajo Salamon



Talvi I. Mirjam

Talvi J. Merkado

Talvi M. Estreja

Testa A. Bohor

Testa A. Todoros

Testa B. Eli

Testa Benjamin

Testa Hana

Testa Juda

Testa Kutiel

Testa Mose

Testa Muson

Testa Simon

Testa Sua

Testa Zak

Todelano B. Sara

Todelano J. Jakov

Todelano J. Menahem

Todelano J. Mois

Todelano M. Ester

Todelano S. Sol



Varsano Nisim



Zaharja B. Palomba



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