Bitola – Sport

The inhabitants of Bitola have cherished a wish for sporting, competing proving it, for a long period of time. There existed sport clubs and organizations enabling care of the healthy mind and body. Many sports, starting from football, to bicyclism, gym, handball, boxing, basketball, have their own city tradition.

Many localities’ football terrains existed for sports competition. But, when the recreation center “Mladost” was built, the stadium “Tumbe cafe” was renovated and the open handball ground was constructed, the most optimal conditions for the sporting of hundreds young people were created.

The football clubs “Rabotnik” and “Pelister” achievements, activities and results, also the ones of the handball club “Pelister”, or of the basketball players, judo players, athletes, gym players, are known everywhere. Numerous recognition, goblets, diplomas, in single or club competition, have been won by Bitola’s inhabitants. They have been state title carriers and they have reached significant results in international competition. Especially, the handball players of “Pelister” are distinguished in this.

Those young people, who don’t sport, have fun and recreate in different ways, places and terrains.  The city park and the promenade represent places for relaxation and recreation, although the famous recreating and picnic place “Tumbe cafe” is the most distinguished of all. Many places for vacation, entertainment and recreation exist also in the city surroundings, like: Siva Voda, Kisela Voda, Pelister. Sport halls function in a part of the high schools, and various fitness and other clubs have been built lately.

Many names of the sportsman’s who have been implemented in the city’s rich sports history, are numerous. However, it is obvious that Dimitar Ilievski – Murato has leaned over all of them, because he conquered the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest (8848 m.). He is the first Macedonian, who climbed on the world’s rooftop. He died tragically on the slopes of this mountain. In his honor, a traditional march to Pelister is organized every year. Several mountaineer – alpinistic associations exist in the city. Their members permanently cross through the mountain regions. Part of them give a significant contribution in the human-environment protection. Together with the ecology associations they represent a factor for greater natural wealth protection.

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